"Having D'Arcy & Jeff from Rolling Laughter do a session with our team at our company retreat was just was amazing. 

We really wanted to work on team building, with a focus on communication.  Not sure how they did it, but they listened to our needs and planned a jam packed session that helped us break down barriers and provided a valuable tool --"yes, and" --that we can use in so many different contexts.

Some people were concerned that they would get put on the spot and thought they might feel uncomfortable, but they planned the session in such a  way that there was no pressure to perform but still allowed the creativity from the team to flow.  But most importantly, our team had a lot of fun doing it!   We hope to do it again soon and to delve into specific areas of teamwork -- next up will be building trust! Can't wait!" 

Andrea Holbrook, President, Holbrook Travel, Inc.

"A supportive approach to comedy and improv. I highly recommend joining this community of artists and comedians.

Emily Coulter Winn, Hair stylist, The Crystal Canvas

"Jeff and D'Arcy are two of the most talented and creative instructors/scene partners I have ever had. Their teaching style is adaptable to your needs as a student/scene partner. I have taken the stand up course offered by Jeff- very insightful teachings on the writing and development of a meaningful stand up set. I have had the pleasure of playing with both Jeff and D'Arcy in Gainesville Improv Guild for several years."

Stephanie Norman, Founder, New Heights Improv

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